Bridging the gap

Funded by the Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation, Naam’s mission is to bridge the gap between small and medium enterprises and markets in Beirut and Tripoli.

Challenging economic times

In these extremely challenging economic times in Lebanon, medium and small enterprises, as well as the labor force are among the most affected and marginalized by the government and local and international aid organizations. Yet they represent 80% of the local market.

Economic hardship for all

All the while, the majority of the Lebanese people have seen their income take a steep hit, rendering their purchasing power to the bare minimum.


Satisfied customers


Service providers

That’s where we come in

We know times are tough and therefore, through our work with medium and small enterprises, we can ensure you get quality services, peace of mind, and fair pricing to meet your needs.


A pioneer in the Lebanese market, we work to revive the local economies in Beirut and Tripoli by upskilling the labor force and micro and small enterprises prior to connecting them with you. 


Our model ensures that work is getting done properly, efficiently, and up to the highest of standards.


Our core operations team in Beirut is run in partnership with The Nawaya Network.